Since its inception, First Coat Studios has facilitated public art projects, curated monthly exhibitions and hosted community events in the Laurel Street Studio space for six years. Through many transitions, the gallery and outdoor painting space offered regular opportunities to showcase contemporary art, up until early 2020 when COVID-19 hit.

First Coat Studios was Re-launched in May 2021 upon coming out of the initial COVID shock with a fresh board of directors and look, focusing on more artforms to exhibit such as film, performing arts and multidisciplinary art. The gallery space that First Coat now resides is hosted by Rare Squid Creative.

2021 First Coat Board of Directors

Alex Stalling

Director - Chairperson

Alex Stalling is an Australian visual artist & cultural practitioner based in Toowoomba Queensland. Exploring representational self portraits through automatic painting, motifs and linework. Her career includes a professional arts practice, exhibitions, public art, committees, community activations, professional development & mentoring, gallery services, digital content creation, maker & product designer, event coordinator and business entrepreneur. She is the founder of Tinker (2018-present), Co-founder of Made Creative Space Toowoomba (2011-2013), founder Attic Art Space (2009-2010) and has managed and facilitate numerous community art & cultural events across the Darling Downs.