BLOCK PARTY 2019: Abbey Rich


Abbey Rich is a multidisciplinary artist working across canvas, walls and the body. Once at the helm of a fast growing fashion label and showing at VAMFF, Rich is now an exhibiting artist managing an impressive list of freelance contracts, painting murals for the likes of Monash University, Bailey Nelson and countless retail spaces. She has been invited by organisations such as Vodafone and Radical Yes! to represent their brand in national campaigns. Rich's work focuses primarily on the organic relationships we foster between each other and the natural world. Her work has been featured in publications such as 1-D, VICE and Frankie magazine and she has exhibited in gallery spaces such as forty-five downstairs, No Vacancy Gallery and more.

Having shown my final collection at VAMFF in 2018, I had, by then already begun the move into hand poked tattoos and mural painting. I loved designing pieces to be worn and loved for years to come however I knew that in the end each garment would one day end up in landfill and without proper education and understanding this could not be avoided. So the idea was to step away for a while, to learn more and see where that took me. I currently work with bodies and walls because they already exist, I'm not creating anything extra that will cause harm to our world.

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35-47 Neil St, Toowoomba City QLD 4350
21 - 23 November, 2019
8am - 5pm

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Please respect the artist’s worksite and do not enter barricaded spaces.