December Exhibitions 2018

There is no better way to wrap up a year such as 2018, than to spend it with our nearest and dearest celebrating what has been and all that is to come. A massive, heartfelt thank you to every artist who donated an artwork to our annual fundraiser group show. We also had a lovely time welcoming Belinda Sinclair to our Project Space where she shared her new solo exhibition, ‘Weather Lore’.

Co-curated by our 2019 emerging curators Emily Young & Linsey Walker, 'More More More' is First Coat Studios' annual group show featuring emerging and established artists from the Toowoomba Region. A fundraiser for our 2019 Public Programs this month’s exhibition features 40 artworks received by donation.

Exhibiting artists include: Aileesha Detmers, Andrew MacDonald, Catherine Parker, Chelsie Luck, Crystal McLachlan, Dan Elborne, David Usher, Davina Else, Del Baldoviso, Emily Young, Emma Shepherd, Fiona Cockfield, Frank Lee Frivolous, Georgia Breedon, Ian McCallum, Jade Courtney, Johanna Park, Karri McPherson, Kirsty Lee, Kyle Jenkins, Lauren Covely, Laurie Oxenford, Linsey Walker, London Heir, Miranda Sampson, Monica Usher, Natasha Wills, Nathan Hass, Peta Berghofer, Peter Osborn, Rora Elwell, Sandy Pottinger, Sarah Ryan, Stephen Spurrier, Sue Lostroh, Sue McMaster, Tarn McLean, Two Anonymous Artists & Ute Braatz.

Our annual fundraiser directly supports our 2019 Public Programs – preview our plans for next year here:

Belinda Sinclair is a Redcliffe based Visual Artist and Printmaker with a focus on photo-media. Inspired by the landscape Belinda's work engages with spirits of place to explore states of unease and disquiet against the backdrop of an increasingly complex world. We had the privilege of spending time with the artist on the day of installation to discuss the unique story and relationships built with her subjects and surroundings during the making of each work. Her connection to place combined with a natural blend of chance and orchestration has resulted in a deeply moving and resonant series.

Earth and Sea, spirits at the edge of the unseen, 'Weather Lore' is a suite of images engaging the viewer in place and magic. Navigating the space between people, environment and time, images emerge in the twilight and in the liminal spaces of the sea in its tides, here messengers of the air strike their pose, boundless upon the earth.

Evolving from a significant interest in science fiction, folklore and the occult, Sinclair’s works serve as portals into her inner world building and utopian praxis. Engaging with symbolic play, observation and the interaction between the human and the more than human, the photogravures featured in Weather Lore developed over a turbulent two year period defined by fire, storm and flood; and represent the beginning of a new chapter in Sinclair’s practice.

More about the artist: