Exhibition: Peta Berghofer 'Newly Formed'

Peta Berghofer’s experimental body of work, Newly Formed (8th Aug - 2nd Sept, 2017) discusses hand built clay objects and the experience of their immediacy.

With an emphasis on spontaneity and human gesture in the creative process, Newly Formed develops on ideas apparent in earlier collections, but takes a break from the methodical process of slip casting home wares, to instead explore new creative perimeters.

Peta champions her presence in the work and loosens ideals of perfection; exploring the dichotomy between 'the handmade' and 'the mass produced'. Through functionless vessels, surface investigations, decorative processes and intuitive making, the material allows for sculptural qualities, which inherit gesture and connection to the maker. Her new body of work offers an honest insight into process and materiality — and in turn, a sense of character and authenticity.

Works featured in Newly Formed share familiar qualities — some taking elements from household items, while others are shaped with intrinsic figurative qualities. Each piece is reminiscent of functionality, yet the material is stripped from traditional aesthetics and practicality. By removing the traditional presentation of the works, Peta is positioning them as both sculptural and functional, whilst disrupting existing and common ideas of 'the vessel'.

Peta Berghofer completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) in 2016 at the University of Southern Queensland. A resident artist at Kontraband Studios, Peta is currently building a sustainable ceramics based arts practice in regional Australia.

Peta Berghofer

Grace Yu & Kirsty Lee