May Exhibitions 2019

Over the month of May we were joined in the studio and gallery by local artist Natasha Wills and Cairns-based emerging artist, Harry Bate. Wills presented an intuitive exploration of structures, that exist simultaneously and inseparably in our bodies.
Bate documents the familiar, using repetition and bold colour to unpack feelings of inadequacy and monotony in the humorous context of his hometown climate.

‘Nothing But Personal Mythology’ is a solo exhibition by Toowoomba based artist Natasha Wills. Through her processes of gestural mark making and assemblages of found objects, Wills discusses the physical and mental structures that exist simultaneously and inseparably in our bodies.

Led by the shapes and forms that emerge in, and through the materials, this new body of work takes shape intuitively through an array of paper and sculptural works. The bold lines that weave through the objects, planes, and gestural markings, in her paper works, act as a scaffold that both contains the restrained palette and emphasises the character of movement and energy in each work. This play of gestural immediacy and pictorial depth provides a rich field for both graphical exploration and spatial experimentation.

Exploring the nonsensical and pursuing the strange, Wills’ sculptural works are a collection and assemblage of found objects that portray her playful curiosity for the absurd. Drawn to found objects as a point of departure, Wills’ emergent material structures retain traces of their bodily origins but become something new in themselves. Nothing makes sense but at the same time everything fits together.

Australian visual artist Natasha Wills is a prolific maker working across painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, and artist books. Her work balances intuitive mark making and assemblage with two decades of practice and refinement. Trained in Fine Arts at Sydney College of the Arts and Newcastle Art School, Wills has exhibited extensively in solo and group exhibitions nationally.

‘Chopping the Deadwood’ is a solo exhibition of new paintings by emerging artist, Harry Bate. These works aim to unpack personal feelings of inadequacy and monotony that the artist has struggled with for a large portion of his life.

Hate hails from the regional city of Cairns, a place where it feels small enough to be talked about but big enough to feel isolated, and months can drag without even noticing. This feeling of entanglement, in a backdrop of torrential rain followed by a thick blanket of humidity, is, at times, a confronting creative climate.

‘Chopping the Deadwood’ composes natural environment and familiar objects, such as bread and cigarettes, to discuss the tedium of the everyday. Using repetition and bold colour palettes, Hate shares a humorous approach to making and storytelling through the lens of a punk kid growing up in the tropics.

Growing up in the harsh tropical climate will turn anyone mad, and Harry is no exception. Barry Hate (real name Harry Bate) is a visual artist that has been living and drawing in Cairns for most of his life.

Harry tries to capture the tropical lows and the sugar highs of growing up in Far North Queensland that is unique in its own simultaneously cool/un-cool manifesto and combine these with international influences of music, skateboarding, and Mike Judge to form a surreal look into life up North. Is he successful? Ask him and he would say no… but art is subjective, isn’t it?