Project: Bronte Naylor & Ian McCallum - 'Marketplace' Mural

Artists Bronte Naylor and Ian McCallum recently completed a large scale mural for the Organic Food Market in Toowoomba, Queensland.

The second public collaboration by the duo, this work is a direct response to local farming practices and the choices we make as consumers. Through a combination of realistic and abstract elements, this project investigates the relationship between earth’s resources, animals and humans.

This design was realised through connecting with different organic food producers in the Darling Downs region and documenting their practices. Photographic references used in the mural are an investigation into what it takes to deliver quality and ethical products in the 21st century. Inspired by the mindfulness at each stage of the process, Naylor & McCallum draw parallels between this approach and their own arts practices.

Mural Location: Organic Food Market
4 Neil St, Toowoomba

Ian McCallum & Brontë Naylor

Kirsty Lee

Photography courtesy of the artists