Review || Peta Berghofer 'Commonplace'

FCS artist, Peta Berghofer has spent the end of 2018 preparing for her solo exhibition at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery.

'Commonplace' explores the synthesis of sculptural and functional ceramics and is on show until 3 February 2019.

In Berghofer’s most recent exhibition she has created an installation that summons the viewer to explore new possibilities in familiar settings. The table and kitchen bench assemblies directly reference Berghofer’s family kitchen environment both in scale and spacing and create the foundation for her sculptural ceramic forms. These pieces are positioned on the table and bench to be read as a room installation, but also allow for interpretation as individual works.

The location and body of works Berghofer has created purposefully disrupt traditional notions of functionality and invite the viewer to playfully imagine themselves making a cup of tea or serving a meal, when in reality attempting this would be fraught with peril.

The installation takes you through a green portal into a very tactile world of changing surfaces; surfaces which appear to shift when you start to look away. The familiar becomes unfamiliar and nothing in your own kitchen setting will ever seem quite the same. See this exhibition while you have a chance, it holds a sense of wonder and gently turns your world upside down.

Words by David Usher.
Exhibition Photography by Grace Yu.
Studio Photography by Morgan Smith x The Field Guide.