Workshop || About the Artist: Peta Berghofer

Toowoomba ceramicist, Peta Berghofer talks about her new collection, ‘Housebound’ and her upcoming Abstract Vessels workshop.  

When: October 27th, 10am - 1pm.

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What was the inspiration for ‘Housebound?

My goal for Houseboundwas to bring a few facets of my practice together into one overall, complete body of work. It was a chance to combine both my sculptural and functional objects as well as a few technical methods. This included my single colour stained wares along with the more loose and painterly.  

Did you try any new techniques in this range?

As this collection became a synthesis of the techniques I've been working on throughout the last few years, I didn't try too many new techniques. Except for a new style of mug; getting that right was definitely a bit of trial and error!

Talk to me about the colour palette used.

I select a new colour palette every year and 2018 has been mustard and pink with some black stripe action. When picking a palette it's usually a combo that keeps appearing in everyday life, showing up in architecture, fashion and interiors. I was even more sold on pink and mustard when I discovered an older Betty Woodman sculpture that perfects a similar colour way.

I heard you’re leaving for France next year, tell us more about why?

I am leaving for France next year! How crazy! I was extremely fortunate to receive the Bellmaine French Appreciation Travelling Scholarship from The University of Southern Queensland. It's a scholarship that will allow me to travel throughout France to learn more about ceramics, connect with people and all things French. I'll be attending a selection of artist residencies to create new work, meet other artists and absorb new techniques. When I return to Toowoomba my goal is to share the things I've learnt through a series of workshops.  

What can people expect to see from you next?  

I'm currently working on a new solo exhibition titled Commonplace, set for a January opening at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery. Commonplace will include a new body of work that will again combine both functional and sculptural objects, but with a heavier focus on installation. I'll be designing a selection of plinth like objects to display my ceramics on, in order to further discuss ideas surrounding the dichotomy between art and craft. Together the plinths and the ceramics will create abstract, still life scenes which will speak simultaneously to domestic and gallery conventions and settings.  

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