Artist Profile: Bronte Naylor

Bronte Naylor is a Toowoomba based artist currently undertaking her Honours in Creative Arts. Through this, Bronte is driving in to her practice head first to uncover why she paints what she paints and how her concepts transfer from gallery to public art contexts.

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Exhibition: 'MCM Incorporated' by Lance Long

During the month of May, MCM Incorporated™ took over the Project Space. This installation and performance referencing 90’s office culture, aimed to blur the lines between art and everyday life by exploring a service you can turn to when you’re apprehensive about returning a missed call. Lance Long presents this show as a genuine, if questionable, business venture within the context of an art gallery. Viewers in that space and the public alike can call in to participate and have their missed calls followed up.

Image by Grace Dewar.

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'A Tropical State' Touring Exhibtion

‘A Tropical State’ is a group exhibition that celebrates the humble yet iconic pineapple. Almost one hundred Australian artists have contributed responses to a collection of ornamental timber pineapples, gifted by long-time artist and collector Stephen Spurrier. 

The artists in this exhibition have used the supplied retro pineapples as a vehicle for the expression of individual and quintessential experiences of Queensland. Painted onto, carved into, deconstructed and protruding from the pine-shaped bowls, the artists convey personal responses that range from explorations of social histories, weather patterns, representations of native plants and animals, draw upon sexual symbology, childhood recollections and share an experience of place. The responses are as diverse as the State of Queensland itself. 

Curated by Ashleigh Campbell & Grace Dewar.

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Exhibition: Karri McPherson & Katie Wagner 'Semiprecious'

Semiprecious is a duo exhibition by local artists, Karri McPherson and Katie Wagner. Having met whilst undertaking their Bachelor degrees at USQ, Karri and Katie have been developing their individual arts practices’ for the past three years. Semiprecious brings these two abstract styles together for the first time, where their paintings discuss the relationships between the environment and memory. 

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Angela Mottramexhibitions