First Coat Studios



This inner city studio is home to a shared working environment, unlike a typical office space.  Home to eight multidisciplinary Artists & Makers, First Coat Studios provides a vital platform for sustainable arts practices and creative collaboration.

Visit our Laurel St venue to connect with professional established and emerging practitioners that work across the fields of painting, ceramics, photography, event & project management, sign writing, public art, videography, sculpture and curation. 




Ian McCallum

Ian McCallum is an artist and sign writer interested in offering creative opportunities outside of a metropolitan area. Heavily influenced by graffiti and street culture during his own youth, McCallum has developed avenues for young people to experience the same.

Ian is a qualified sign-writer with a long standing appreciation for the craft and a love for working with a brush.  He specialises in hand painted letters, with a strong interest in producing long-lasting work over a digital quick fix.




Grace Dewar

Grace Dewar is a curator and cultural producer motivated by making art and culture more accessible. As the founder and coordinator of First Coat Intl’ Art Festival, Grace is a key contributor to regional Australia’s growing creative identity.




Siobhan McIvor
Curator & Workshop Manager

Siobhan McIvor is an Australian curator, producer and facilitator dedicated to contemporary art experiences. Her practice focuses on increasing the accessibility of art in communities and exploring the various connections of artist and audience.  Her background in collaborative exhibitions and festival operations, as well as her tertiary education in art history, has informed major curatorial projects in Queensland.




Laurie Oxenford
Curator & Marketing Manager

Laurie Oxenford is a Toowoomba based artist currently completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts at the University of Southern Queensland. She predominantly works with recycled materials and found objects to create a diverse range of sculptural based artworks inspired by landscapes and the everyday. She has over 3 years of experience in online and social marketing and completed 2 digital marketing internships with USQ. Laurie is very interested in finding new and innovative ways of sharing creative arts and content in the social media space. 




David Usher - Maraborough AIR PC Belinda Sinclair.jpg

David Usher

David Usher is a visual artist working predominately with in painting and ceramics. His practice is focused on reinterpreting the Australian Landscape as representative of experiencing life as journeying, rather than the stillness of a destination.

David Usher || Alexandra Lawson Gallery


kirsty-lee-project-space-00366 (1).JPG

Kirsty Lee
Film Maker & Movement

Kirsty Lee is a movement artist and videographer, challenging our ideas of narrative, logic and normality. Her work explores the physical space around us while taking us on a journey into her own dialogue.

Kirsty is a Co-Pilot of Bunker Records and a Director of Movement at the University of Southern Queensland. Through her work as the Founder of Motion Capture Short Film & Video Art Festival and the Co-Director of The GRID: Hybrid Arts (2012-15), Kirsty has helped shape Toowoomba's grassroots creative community.



Lily Kamholtz

Lily Kamholtz is an emerging, multi-disciplinary artist based in Toowoomba, QLD. Working across illustration, animation, sculpture and wall painting, Lily’s practice explores the relationship between the mundane and the bizarre.  She combines a personal graphic vocabulary of line drawing and block colour with humour, seemingly unfamiliar characters and everyday themes to challenge the world around her.  

Taking out Motion Capture Festival’s Under 18s mentorship prize in late 2017, Lily is currently working one on one with Australian film maker, Ben Tupas to further develop her skills.




Peta Berghofer

Peta Berghofer is a contemporary ceramicist exploring hand built clay objects for their functional and sculptural qualities. With an emphasis on spontaneity and human gesture in the creative process, Peta’s sculptural forms champion her presence in the work.

Her recent slip cast homewares range investigates surface intuitive making in the decorative processes, which inherit gesture and connection to the maker. Peta faciltiates clay workshops and exhibits her forms nationally.




Katie Whyte

Katie Whyte (formerly Noller) is an Australian born artist based in Queensland. After studying the ways painting can challenge our understanding of space, the artist began working as optical vision therapist, training people in more effective ways to interpret their surroundings and navigate through space.




London Heir

London Heir is an emerging portrait artist based in Toowoomba, Queensland. Her practice explores ethereality, juvenescence and the complexities of the human condition, working predominately with the female form. Her current creative direction examines a more natural representation of femininity, verse the glamour aesthetic which featured heavily in her early work. She works mainly with watercolours and charcoal, but occasionally experiments with oils and coloured pencils.