Murder on the Starship Genesis

The stars! The future! Humanity has created the finest spacecraft in this starsystem carrying all the resources needed to venture out into the furthest reaches of space to find us a new home...


Leading this ship and its incredible crew is the brave, handsome and galant Captain Gal. X. Zee, who is prepared to boldly take humanity where no human has gone before.

However, after a shocking murder disrupts the mission and rattles the crew, it is up to the passengers of The Starship Genesis - YOU - to explore the ship, collect the clues, solve the crime, convict the murderer and save humanity's last chance to find a new home beyond the stars!

Included with your ticket is 2 complimentary drinks.

This is a strictly lock-out performance.

Please ensure that you arrive on time so you don't miss the show!

tickets sold out

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