Artist Profile || Jess Milne

"Clyde’ is the name of my van, it is the conduit for the travel that informs my art practice." - Jessica Milne

Words by Laurie Oxenford.

Jess Milne is a Melbourne based conceptual and abstract artist working with painting, ceramics, drawing and sculptural installations, inspired by the way her body and presence experiences the Australian landscape.

Her creative processes take on the translation and abstract transference of natural textures as well as sensations from her camping and travelling experiences into her warm, gestural compositions. This personal and responsive process allows for a soft and rhythmic undertone to her each of her works.

Her visual practice is driven by exploring the artistic recreation of debris found on the ground while bushwalking. We’re intrigued to go behind the scenes with Milne as she travels from Melbourne to Toowoomba, creating a range of functional art objects she can use while travelling, which will then become the body of work for her exhibition, ‘Clyde’, in the First Coat Studios Main Gallery.

While admitting that travelling and making alone on the road can test her creative mindset, this push to her artistic ingenuity is documented. Milne’s current project intended for her show with First Coat Studios is a week long experiment where she will use a number of art objects she must rely upon in the context of travel. This explores an alternative to the way she describes her usual manner of practice, which is relying on travel to direct new works. By inverting this idea she will be creating functional artworks, such as clothes and vessels, she can rely upon in her everyday routine as a traveller. In doing so, she will reflect and gain a deeper understanding of the often mundane tribulations of camping and how function alters her experiences with certain objects and materials within the landscape.

With the objects collected on her journey to Laurel Street, Milne is sharing an intimate experimental drawing session with 10 lucky participants. Explore gestural and textural drawing processes and be inspired by the found natural items curated by the artist. Experiment with composition and materials, including charcoal, clay, dirt and plants.

Tickets are now sold out. Join us for her solo exhibition 'Clyde' opening Friday 13th July from 7-9pm. Free event - RSVP here.