Workshop || Q&A with Grace Yu

We sat down with Brisbane photographer and graphic designer Grace Yu to ask her some questions before she leads our Photography 101 Workshop.

When: August 11th, 11am -1pm.

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Tells us a little about you:

I was born and raised in a small country town in far north qld called Atherton. There wasn’t  much arts and culture around so I had to self teach myself a lot of things. I then moved to Brisbane for Uni at the Queensland College of Art, where I studied Photography. From there I moved to Toowoomba to work at the University of Southern Queensland as one of their in house photographers for 5 years and now I’m in Brisbane where I’ve just had my 1 year anniversary working for Youfoodz, an international, rapidly growing, fast paced food company.

Talk about your practice:
I generally don’t stick to one particular thing. I really enjoy experimenting with mediums and styles and trying to expand my skillset as much as possible. I love switching from photography to graphic design to calligraphy. Maybe I just get easily distracted?

What is the best part about working in photography:
I find I really enjoy using photography to capture a moment and making it look as amazing as possible. It sounds really simple but… well, you can photograph anything and everything, your subjects are endless. It’s such a versatile medium.

What do you take inspiration from:
Usually whatever is around me. Instagram, advertising and creative agency works - one of the best things about living in the modern world is the access to practically unlimited inspiration.

Artists that inspire you:

Yayoi Kusama | After seeing her stuff I was obsessed with colour blocking.

Alexis Sinclair | A photographer who creates surreal and fantastical scenes using photo compositions.

Jasmine Dowling | She's a Brisbane typographer with an Instagram feed that's absolutely on point. You can check out that Instagram feed here.

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